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Does your carpet have stubborn stains?

New carpet is an expensive investment, and the best way to keep it looking like new is to keep it clean. If your carpet gets stubborn stains, you can try DIY methods, but they don’t always work. Instead, turn to professional carpet cleaning in Colleyville, TX to keep your carpet looking and smelling fresh. 

For the best carpet cleaning in and around Southlake, TX, call Clean-N-Dry Services, today.

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Carpet Cleaning in Southlake, TX

Experience quality carpet cleaning at an affordable price with our efficient, professional, fast & friendly service!

Clean-N-Dry Services in Southlake is the best choice for expert carpet cleaning. Our experienced technicians know how to care for carpet, wood, tile, and area rugs in residential and commercial properties. When you need carpet cleaning or other floor care, we work hard to provide affordable and timely services to make your floors look as good as new. 

Our technicians use the latest technology and proven methods to remove stubborn stains on carpets and area rugs. Our steam cleaning machines also disinfect carpets, removing unpleasant odors from pets and daily use. 

Family-owned and operated Clean-N-Dry Services has been caring for carpets, air ducts, and dryer vents since 1992. Our family has lived in the Fort Worth area for over 100 years, and professional athletes, television personalities, and other prominent families have trusted us to keep their beautiful homes clean.

We strive to deliver honest and reliable service to earn Customers for Life. So, when your carpet needs cleaning, give us a call to experience carpet cleaning with integrity.

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Southlake, TX Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Clean-N-Dry offers the most thorough carpet cleaning service in Southlake, Texas!

Our cleaning services remove a variety of stains like food, wine, and pet stains. We can schedule carpet cleaning well into the future, and we can take care of carpet stain emergencies. Our expert technicians use eco-friendly, low-moisture products to make your home healthier by removing allergens, dust, bacteria, and other contaminants. 

After hiring Clean-N-Dry Cleaning Services, you can trust your carpets will be clean and safe, giving you peace of mind that your business makes a good impression. Our high-quality carpet cleaning techniques remove stains from high-traffic areas, so bring carpets in busy areas back to looking like new. 

Carpet cleaning also removes unpleasant odors that build up over time. When we remove these stains and smells, your office will smell fresh and clean. Overall, professional carpet cleaning from Clean-N-Dry is more effective than any DIY carpet product thanks to our high-suction cleaning tools and professional-grade cleaning solutions. 

For efficient and eco-friendly commercial carpet cleaning, trust the experts at Clean-N-Dry in Southlake, Texas.

Carpet Cleaning and Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality in Southlake and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex tends to be worse than the air outside. Poor air quality can be problematic for children and the elderly, especially when they have asthma or other respiratory problems. Carpet can trap airborne particulates, and regular cleaning removes the contaminants to make your indoor air quality better. 

Our technicians can also steam clean wood and tile flooring to remove contaminants that hide in the grooves and grout. 

To improve your indoor air quality, call Clean-N-Dry carpet cleaning in Southlake, Texas.

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Carpet Cleaning? We Can Help!

Keeping your carpet and flooring clean is easy when you hire Clean-N-Dry Cleaning Services in Southlake, Texas. Our experienced technicians use techniques and tools that lengthen the life of your carpet by making it look and smell clean and fresh. Consider cleaning your carpets every six months to keep them looking like new.

When your carpet looks dirty and dingy, call us at Clean-N-Dry Cleaning Services to remove stains and smells. 


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