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Is the air in your home making you sick?

Dirty air ducts are the primary source of indoor air pollution. Protect your family’s health with regular air duct cleaning from Clean-N-Dry cleaning services!

Let us clean your air ducts at an affordable price with our efficient, professional, fast & friendly service!

We use the patented Roto-Brush Air Duct Cleaning system which uses a large vacuum hose, with a soft rotating brush, removing dust, debris, and allergens from your HVAC system. We also remove and clean your register vents and replace, as needed. Any debris that may have fallen in the process will also be cleaned and removed.

Past clients who have used this service have reported needing to dust less, coughed and sneezed less and experiences increased air flow through their vents after cleaning. Studies have shown that the air inside our homes may be dirtier than the air we breath outside. Proper air duct cleaning can reduce indoor pollutants and allergens.

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What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Clean-N-Dry offers the most thorough duct cleaning service in Forth Worth, Texas!

Your air ducts trap an extraordinary amount of dust, dander, and pollen which gets recirculated through the air in your home.

This can trigger asthma, allergies, and a variety of other health conditions. Our duct cleaning service removes the accumulated dust, pollen, and dander that’s built up in your air ducts and restores your home’s air quality.

We use a patented Roto-Brush Air Duct Cleaning system which brushes out everything from within your ducts while simultaneously vacuuming up all of the dust so none of it circulates back into your home.

Our complete duct cleaning service includes the cleaning of your air ducts, supply and return vents, and related forced-air equipment.

Benefits Of Duct Cleaning

While most of us don’t think about our air ducts very often, cleaning them regularly can be one of the best things you can do for your and your family’s health. Here’s are some of the biggest benefits:

  • Healthier air quality: If your air ducts haven’t been cleaned for a few years, there are piles of dust, dander, pollen, and other allergens accumulated within your ducts. With our professional duct cleaning service, we remove all of the accumulated contaminants and restore your home to healthy, clean air.

  • Cleaner home: Accumulated dust and contaminants in your air ducts get blown into your home every time your HVAC system turns on. If you find yourself dusting all the time, dirty air ducts may be the source of the problem.

  • Protects your HVAC system: Your HVAC system depends on clean, open air ducts to work properly. If your airflow is obstructed by accumulated debris, your AC is going to have to work harder which can increase your electric bill and put unnecessary strain on your system.

  • Better airflow efficiency: Both your furnace and AC unit need airflow to effectively heat and cool your home. Removing the accumulated dust, pollen, and contaminants from your ducts will improve airflow which can reduce your energy costs.

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How Often Should I Clean My Ducts?

We recommend you clean your ducts every 3 years at a minimum. However, there are factors that can influence how frequently you should have your air ducts cleaned. For example, if you or someone in your home suffers from asthma or severe allergies, you should have your ducts cleaned more often since accumulated dust and pollen are a major factor in triggering asthma and allergies.

Here are a few other factors than can affect how frequently you clean your air ducts:

  • Pets that shed a lot
  • Smoking in the house
  • High humidity
  • Any construction work that produces dust
  • Lots of people living in the home

If you have any of the above factors, you should give us a call and we can discuss the best interval and pricing deals to ensure your home’s air quality stays healthy at all times.

Schedule Your Professional Duct Cleaning Service

The expert Fort Worth duct cleaning team at Clean-N-Dry cleans hundreds of air ducts every month and we have thousands of satisfied customers. We’re also A+ rated on BBB and go the extra mile for every client. When you need your ducts cleaned and want to work with a team that completes every job to the highest level of cleanliness, just give us a call. We’ll schedule your service promptly, we only use the highest quality patented tools and vacuums, and we show up on time!

For the best duct cleaning in Fort Worth, call: (817) 367-6100

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