How To Get Crayon Out of Your Carpet in 5 Easy Steps

cleaning up crayon stain on carpet

Crayons give children a tool to be creative. While many children work hard to color inside the lines or on their piece of paper, sometimes crayon ends up in unexpected places. 

Crayon on the wall is easy to remove, but when it gets into the carpet, you’ll have to expend a little more elbow grease. Our team at Clean-N-Dry share expert tips on how to get crayon out of your carpet. 

How To Get Crayon Out of Your Carpet

The easiest way to get crayon wax out of your carpet involves a few steps and a handful of supplies. You’ll need a butter knife, gentle dish soap (like Dawn), a small bowl, paper towels, a vacuum cleaner, and a clean white cloth. If the crayon is hard to remove, you’ll need ice cubes and a plastic sandwich bag. 

Step One

With your butter knife, scrape as much crayon from the carpet as you can. The butter knife will not damage your carpet, especially if you scrape with gentle pressure. If it doesn’t scrape away, put an ice cube in a plastic sandwich bag and rub it on the crayon mark. The ice hardens the crayon wax, so you’ll have an easier time removing it.

Step Two

Mix a cup of warm water with a few drops of dish soap, and bring it to the crayon stain. Find an inconspicuous area to test the water and soap mixture to be sure it doesn’t stain or discolor your carpet fibers. Rub the mixture on the carpet fibers, and wait for the soap to take effect. 

Step Three

If the mixture does not damage your carpet, it’s safe to use on the crayon stain. Pour the warm water and dish soap using a spoon. Then, let it sit for five minutes or more. 

Step Four

Dampen your clean white cloth, and blot at the stain. You can also use moist paper towels to remove the crayon stain. Do not rub or wipe, as the action can embed the crayon wax into your carpet fibers. 

Step Five

After you’ve blotted the stain, use your vacuum to remove the remaining crayon from your carpet. 

Alternative Way to Get Crayon out of Your Carpet

Sometimes, the first method doesn’t work as well as expected. If the stain remains, the next step is to hire carpet cleaning professionals like our experts at Clean-N-Dry to remove the crayon without damaging your carpet. 

Why Hire Professionals Like Clean-N-Dry?

Our experienced technicians use advanced methods and professional tools for cleaning and dry cleaning. We’ve trained our professional team to deliver excellent results efficiently. 

You can trust that our team is experienced in working with stubborn stains for residential and commercial customers in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We have 30 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, and we’ve worked with professional athletes, television personalities, and prominent business people in the area because they appreciate our honesty and integrity. 
If you have a stubborn stain from crayons or another difficult-to-remove substance, give us a call today to find out how we can help you make those stains go away.

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